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Hot Door Control Plug-ins for Adobe Illustrator CS6/CC/CC 2015

These plug-ins put you in Illustrator's driver's seat and rip out the speedometer! Choose your own combination of controls to make a unique suite of plug-ins that pump your productivity. Discover new raceways for editing, organization, and labeling. And find out what our power users have been requesting for 20 years!

  • NitPicker: Select artwork with custom search criteria and presets
  • ParticuLayer: Create layer groups for organization and printing
  • FixPix: Nudge artwork at LESS THAN 1 pt increments!
  • TimeSheet: Log time spent on documents with auto features
  • ArtLabel: Call out attributes of artwork such as fonts, colors, etc.
  • DocLabel: Call out attributes of the document or add date/time
  • ArtTags: Attach terms to artwork for counting/tracking materials

$20.00 per plugin/all 7 for $98.00





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