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Hot Door CADtools 8 for Adobe Illustrator CS3/CS4/CS5/CS6/CC

Free for CADtools 8 customers: Download the CADtools 8.2 update for CC compatibility. For Mac or for Win.

CAD becomes beautifully simple with CADtools - a complete CAD plug-in solution for Adobe Illustrator. Draw in any scale, edit and dimension vector artwork with a mouse click, and numerically control objects or points. Click and drag with 76 tools to make design work both easy and elegant!

  • New features added in CADtools 8:
  • CS6 and CC compatibility
  • Hot Door CORE™ technology dramatically improves speed and performance and ensures prompt release of new updates and upgrades for Ai Creative Cloud compatibility
  • Instant updates of attached dimensions (optional) replaces need to update links
  • CADunits panel to simplify control
  • CADdimension panel combines former CADtext and CADstyle panels
  • Unlimited custom scales with CADscale panel
  • Corner Profile tool for shaping corners
  • Chain Datum Dimension tools
  • Rounded Rectangle tools
  • Improved isometric/axonometric drawing and new CADaxonometric panel replacing former CADisometric panel
  • Improved fillet/trim/extend tools
  • Integrated scaled CADrulers and CADgrids
  • CADcontrol bar
  • CADtools Preferences under the Window > CADtools menu defines general document settings

CADtools supports design projects of all sizes - view a partial client list.

$299.00 full / $149.00 upgrade

(upgrades from CADtools 5, 6, and 7)

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  • Summary of major features:
  • Draw Illustrator art in any scale and use scale calculator for ease and efficiency
  • Create/adjust walls, insert doors and windows
  • Click-drag dimensions with custom style
  • Edit dimensions with custom text
  • Numerically move, transform, repeat objects
  • Measure area, perimeter and length of paths
  • Create customized labels with text, numbers, alphabet or object geometry
  • Create offsets for vector paths
  • Axonometric/isometric tools including cubes
  • Project or dimension flat art in axonometric view
  • Precision fillet, chamfer, trim and extend tools
  • Precision resizing with proportion tool
  • Divide or cut paths into equal parts
  • Save or load CADtools settings as Presets
  • Instant titles/tables with easy numeric input

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90-day money-back guarantee

Here's how it works:

1. Easy install - CADtools installs 76 drawing, editing, labeling and dimensioning tools organized in 8 groups right below Illustrator tools:

  • 2D Drawing
  • 2D Dimensioning
  • Axonometric Drawing
  • Axonometric Dimensioning
  • CAD Walls
  • 2D Editing
  • Labeling
  • Construction

All of the tools show red dots which indicate the number and placement of mouse-clicks to edit or create an object, label or dimension. Easy!

Ten CADtools panels are accessible from the Window > CADtools menu. Online registration, software updates, and tutorials are also easy to access from the Window > CADtools menu.

2. Set up the document - Use the new CADscale panel to define document or layer-based scale. Select from a wide range of engineering and architectural scales or create an unlimited number of custom scales.

3. Check CADtools Preferences - Under Window > CADtools > CADtools Preferences choose number format, turn on/off the convenient dimension layer, and choose to attach dimensions to objects and layers. Attached dimensions and labels will automatically follow their objects as they change in scale, size and location! The last preference sets CADtools to mimic Illustrator behavior – where selecting a dimension or label will update the panel settings to match.

4. Set up the grids and rulers - Use the CADguides panel to define CADgrid and CADruler settings that snap with CADtools drawing tools. Full screen cursors help highlight and snap to points while drawing CADtools lines or objects.

5. Draw with precision in 2D - Import CAD artwork or create your own vector objects in scale within Illustrator. Click-drag objects freely or create them numerically in scale. CADtools rectangles, circles, arcs, lines and walls help build a detailed drawing with accuracy. Use grids and rulers, snapping features, numeric input, and the CADtracker panel to confirm your artwork. You can numerically adjust size, location, and rotation of objects with CADtracker as described below.

6. Offset paths and objects, even in scale - Drag to offset paths and objects with visual feedback and distance information. Create offsets numerically by clicking once on the path.

7. Create walls with doors and windows - The CADwalls panel adjusts wall width and orientation to make it so easy! Walls are created like lines and can snap to the nearest unit increment if alt/option is held while dragging. When walls are adjusted with the Move Wall tool, they slide with on-screen measurements. Add doors and windows with the new Door and Window Insertion tools with visual feedback, width and style settings.

8. Construct tables and title blocks - The Construction tool group creates instant tables and title blocks. Click or click-drag the desired area and customize the size and text values.

9. Set up styles for dimensions and labels - The CADdimension panel combines the former CADtext and CADstyle panels into one convenient area controlling font, arrow style, text placement and spacing. Create unique dimension styles that polish professional design documents.

10. Get smart with CADshortcuts - Easily control CADtools settings and apply CADtools dimensions automatically. Use Presets to save CADtools settings, load into other documents, or share with others in the office to maintain consistency.

11. Dimension anything - The dimensioning tools are smooth and sophisticated. CADtools dimensions can be automatically attached to objects and images so they will stick together as you move and resize artwork. Measure any type of path – including Bezier curves and points in space!

12. Label everything - CADtools Label tools save hours of time by creating instant shape labels that angle, arc, or even squiggle to mark the spot. The new CADlabels panel adjusts label arrowheads and text separately from dimensions. Adjust the border spacing and border shape with ease. For special labeling jobs, use the Format menu to choose automatic incrementing by alphabet or numbers. Revision bubbles and section lines add finishing touches to design documents.

13. Edit objects with divide, trim, extend, fillet and chamfer tools - Several precision editing tools help you modify, remove, extend or unite artwork as typically needed for CAD projects. The Path Divider tool cuts and marks paths in defined lengths or increments. The trim tool is remarkably useful, allowing dragging over paths for instant removal of excess segments. One special tool called Measure Scale works like a legend on a map - you drag a distance on the document and then define its represented distance to create a custom scale.

14. Corner profiles apply common shapes to corners for construction. Numerically input values for precision and scaled details.

15. Control it all through CADtracker - One of the most compact, powerful features of CADtools is the CADtracker panel. The first panel of CADtracker is like the Info panel in Illustrator in scale, with added calculations of length, perimeter and area. These calculations are very useful for figuring out square footage and supplies such as flooring, trim materials, landscape coverage, etc. The CADtracker Transform panel numerically resizes objects with scaled values. Area transform resizes objects to a specified area. The Move panel moves objects in scale. Duplicate and repeat objects in scale to easily create grids of objects.

16. Axonometric drawing (including isometric drawing) - You can draw axonometric artwork easily with CADaxonometric drawing tools. The default drawing face is the front/left side. Drag with command or control key to create right/side faces. Drag with alt or option key to create top/bottom faces. Helpful cursor hints will appear for snapping and aligning faces together. Use the 2D CAD Line tool with the Shift+alt/option keys to create axonometric lines. Lines, faces, cubes, and cylinders can also be created numerically by clicking once on the document.

17. Axonometric projection - You can project any flat artwork (including text or placed images) to top, front, or side planes with the CADaxonometric panel. To edit the artwork with precision, flatten it, make adjustments, then reproject. Dimensions project in axonometric view as well.

18. Axonometric dimensioning - CADtools axonometric dimensioning tools work just like the 2D dimensioning tools. They can also be pulled out perpendicular to the object for enhanced readability and dimensionality. Like other dimensions, axonometric dimensions are linked to their objects if 'Attach dimensions/labels to objects' is checked in CAD Preferences.

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