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CADpatterns for Adobe Illustrator 10 through CC (all versions)

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Hot Door CADpatterns add 134 vector-based swatch patterns for design documents. All patterns are in Illustrator format for easy editing and colorizing inside Adobe Illustrator for Mac or Windows.

  • Swatch patterns tile seamlessly and include:
  • Stipples
  • Crosshatches
  • Bricks
  • Wood grains
  • Stone
  • Tile
  • Building Materials and much more!

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If you already own CADpatterns and use a newer version of Adobe Illustrator, simply move the CADpatterns file from your old Illustrator/Presets/Swatches folder to the new Illustrator CS5/Presets/en_US (for English)/Swatches folder. CADpatterns will appear under the Illustrator Window > Swatch Libraries menu.

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Here's how it works:

1. Easy install - After installing CADpatterns in Illustrator's Swatches folder, you'll have access to the CADpatterns library under the Illustrator > Swatch Libraries menu. Fill selected objects with one of 134 patterns meeting ANSI standards.


2. Easy transformation - You can use the Rotate, Reflect, Scale, or Shear tools to adjust the pattern without affecting the object. Select the object and choose the Rotate, Reflect, Scale, or Shear tool. Then hold down the tilde key (~), and drag. The pattern will adjust inside the object.

Rotate pattern

3. Artistic manipulation - Each CADpattern is comprised of vector lines that are easily edited so you may customize the color, line weight or shapes. Simply drag a CADpattern from the palette and edit it like any other pattern. Then drag it into the Swatches palette where you can create your own Swatch Library.


Pattern list

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