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Welcome! Since 1997, Hot Door has developed and sold plug-ins for Adobe Illustrator, including CADtools, MultiPage, Perspective, Transparency, CADpatterns, and Control plug-ins. The company focus has always been user-friendly software tools for design professionals. Hot Door products take advantage of the Illustrator Application Programming Interface that allows plug-ins to access Illustrator's engine. Furthermore, the innovative Hot Door CORE™ technology improves plug-in speed, performance, and compatibility with Ai Creative Cloud updates. Hot Door products continue to provide essential features for professional design that are unavailable in current versions of Adobe Illustrator.

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Hot Door CADtools 10

Hot Door CADtools 10 for Adobe Illustrator CC/2014/2015

CADtools allows users to draw, edit, and dimension objects in scale within Illustrator by adding 10 panels and 87 tools for drawing, editing, dimensioning, labeling, creation and transformation. CADtools mimics Illustrator's tool behavior so designers can enjoy a creative, easy-to-use alternative to complex CAD applications.

The new CADtools 10 focuses on effortless creativity and accessibility for every level of experience. New CADhelp, CADdashboard, and CADcontrol panels provide first-class assistance and spectacular shortcuts. Hundreds of customizable symbols add lively architectural objects, people, and plants to professional projects. Several new tools send productivity soaring by repeating objects, scaling type, defining map scales, and creating grids and waves.

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Hot Door CADpatterns

Hot Door CADpatterns for Adobe Illustrator 10, CS, CS2, CS3, CS4, and CS5

Now you can create clean, professional documents with vector-based patterns that conform to ANSI standards. Over 130 patterns represent a variety of materials and textures including geometry, masonry, building materials, ground cover, wood, metal, flagstone, stone, tile, and geology. All patterns are easily edited and colorized.

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