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MultiPage animation

MultiPage 4 for Illustrator CS3 and CS4 - includes version 1, 2, and 3 for AI 9, 10, CS, and CS2

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MultiPage for CS4 (compatibility only):
If you own version 4 for Mac, upgrade to 4.1 for free
If you own version 4 for Win, upgrade to 4.1 for free

Produce and publish in one environment! Create multiple pages in Adobe Illustrator and export or print multiple pages with ease. Version 4 supports PDF, JPEG, and EPS export of multiple pages for enhanced web and print design. Use MultiPage to export or simply navigate between pages for essential organization and ease.

  • Core features include:
  • Export a range of pages to a single multiple page PDF file
  • Export a range of pages to JPEG or EPS files (MP4 only)
  • Print a range of pages
  • Create, navigate and preview pages with thumbnails
  • Use master pages to share artwork on pages
  • Set custom margins for single or double-sided pages
  • Apply automatic page numbering
  • Auto-synchronize pages with layers
  • Flow text across pages using the Illustrator text threading feature
  • Use PDF/print presets for customized output settings

$99.00 ON SALE now $79.00 full / $39.00 upgrade

(upgrades from MultiPage 1, 2, and 3)

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MultiPage palette

Do you need MultiPage on multiple workstations? The MultiPage terms of license follows the Adobe terms and one license is only valid for one workstation. Please call us for discounted pricing on multiple licenses.

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Here's how it works:

1. Easy install - After installing MultiPage 4 in Illustrator, you will have one simple MultiPage palette available under the Windows menu. By clicking on the green button in the palette, you can turn on MultiPage so that each layer can be viewed, printed, or exported as pages.

MultiPage palette

2. Set up margins, page numbers and page masters - Use the Preferences button in the MultiPage palette to define margins for your pages. Page masters can be set up to share artwork throughout the document. Use one master or select both left and right masters for booklet publishing. Once you have defined page masters, click on the L or R icons in the MultiPage palette to create the page master artwork.


3. Print multiple pages or export multiple page PDF files - To print multiple pages created with MultiPage, choose Print Multiple Pages... from the File menu in Illustrator or the pop-out menu in the MultiPage palette. Selecting a range to print and choose a Print Preset if you prefer to use one.

To export multiple pages as a PDF file, multiple JPG files, or EPS files, select Export Multiple Pages... from the File menu or the pop-out menu in the MultiPage palette. To create a single PDF file with multiple pages, select One multiple page file. Click Save, then select a PDF Preset from the Adobe Save PDF dialog. Choose Smallest File Size for reduced file size.

It's that easy!

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