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Drop3D animation

GDS Drop3D for Adobe Illustrator CS3 - CS5 for Windows ONLY, not CS6 or CC

Preview, manipulate, and place 3D objects into Adobe Illustrator with ease and precision. Open IGES, .3DM (Rhino), and VRML 2 files for easy editing with Illustrator. Perfect for blending 2D and 3D graphics! (Drop3D replaces a former plug-in product called Z-Dragon by Zodiac.)


Choose the Drop3D + Savanna3D bundle to access 850 3DM models in Adobe Illustrator! Savanna3D is only available with purchase of Drop3D.


$199 plug-in only or bundled with Savanna3D models for $299

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Here's how it works:

1. Easy reference - After installing Drop3D into the Illustrator/Plug-Ins folder, choose Window > Display Drop3D > to view the five Drop3D panels.

2. Open/display a model in Drop3D Viewer - Click the Open button in the Drop3D controller panel. Drop3D can open (.3dm) Rhino native files, (.IGS, IGES) IGES files and (.vrml, .wrml) VRML 2 files.

3. Manipulate the model in Drop3D Viewer prior to placement - Change view angles, camera parameters, scale, rotate/zoom/pan, and perspective for optimal appearance. Size options allow adjustment to fit the artboard or scale. Hidden Lines can be shown and outlines applied for special effects in technical illustration. Select from precision and path extraction options. Preview first as needed.

4. Place the model on the Illustrator artboard - Choose to place object with paths, raster data, or both.

5. Edit the placed object - Drop3D objects are placed with a clipping mask that can be released for vector editing. To release the clipping mask, first select the object and then choose Object > Clipping Mask > Release. This will allow you to select the vector paths for further editing as necessary. The Live Paint Bucket tool in Adobe Illustrator allows easy click-fill application of color inside paths of the Drop3D objects after they are placed on the artboard.

Drop3D import

Drop3D import

Drop3D import

Savanna 3D Models: Previews

Savanna 3D model preview

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