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Manage complex projects by creating layer groups with ParticuLayer. Define layer groups and control them with visibility, locking, and printability. This is essential in preparing files for different team members using manufacturing, construction, and design documents.

  • Define new layer groups or "ParticuLayers" using Illustrator Layers
  • Set each ParticuLayer to show, lock, and print
  • Drop down each ParticuLayer name to view contents and status

For example, a floor plan might contain many layers for different design and construction phases. Each contractor needs a separate plan with a unique combination of layers. ParticuLayer solves this problem with layer groups. In this sample floor plan, the "Interior Designer" can see furniture and rug layers, while the "Plumber" only sees the doors, walls, windows, and plumbing layers. Stay organized and be ParticuLayer!

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Here's how it works:

First, be sure ParticuLayer is properly installed in the Illustrator > Plugins folder.

New Layer Group

1. To create a new layer group, use Illustrator to select Window > ParticuLayer. Click on the Create New Layer icon at the bottom of the ParticuLayer panel.

2. Select the Illustrator layers that will comprise the new layer group. Create a name for the layer group as in the "Copywriter" example above.

ParticuLayer panel

3. Create as many new layer groups as needed. The ParticuLayer panel will display layer groups in order of creation. Click on the triangle to view the Illustrator layers within each layer group.

Edit Layer Group

4. To edit the layers inside a layer group, select a Layer Group and click the edit button in the ParticuLayer panel. To delete a layer group, select it and click the trash can icon in the ParticuLayer panel.

Panel menu options

5. To control visibility, locking, and printing for each layer, select a layer group and use the pop-out menu in the ParticuLayer panel.

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